Parent & child app testing and survey

We are seeking parents with experience of a baby on a neonatal unit whilst also having an older sibling at home to trial our app and give brief feedback via an online survey.

Nell and the Neonatal unit is an app aimed at primary school aged children. It is being developed as a tool to help older siblings of babies requiring a neonatal unit admission to understand the environment and to have strategies for coping with the resulting emotional challenges such an admission can bring to a family. 

All app testing is remote, you will be sent information of how to download the app for free. We ask that you and your child play with the app on at least two separate occasions. We will also send you a link to an online survey which should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.  

The survey will be split into 2 distinct sections, one for feedback from the parents and one set out in a child-friendly way to facilitate ease of feedback from the child themselves.

If you feel able to help, please register your interest

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